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Dining Domes by Mekha

Experience a rooftop dining journey like no other. Mekha by SHAN takes an entirely novel approach to casual fine dining. Beneath crystal domes, equipped with private air conditioning, lighting, and sound cater the ultimate dinner, celebration, or intimate event.

With the glittering Bangkok skyline as your backdrop and your view, dinner is elevated to new heights. A range of international favorites are on offer, from European meets Asian Flavours. Our menu was curated by one of the winners of Top Chef Thailand, making it the perfect rooftop restaurant for special occasions. Our chef uses only the finest ingredients and produce, to impart the maximum flavor into each dish, all cooked with finesse and passion.

Whether you are planning a romantic dinner, engagement party, or baby shower, our domes are enclosed private event spaces that can be decorated according to your needs. Plan your next bachelorette party or birthday celebration here for an Insta-worthy night.



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Winter Dome

Inspired by the calming and cool hues of winter, our medium-sized crystal dome seats a maximum of 8 diners for a more intimate gathering beneath a collection of white flowers.


Earth Dome

Our Essential Earth Crystal Dome embodies the magic that is our planet, inside there is space for up to 16 diners. This shared dome accommodates up to four tables, seating four diners. The tables can be joined for communal dining.


Crystal Rain Dome

Dine beneath a shimmering cloud of crystals, and white flowers. This ethereal design represents Thailand’s iconic rainy season and the lush foliage it brings. There is space for up to 16 diners.


Spring Dome

Under a canopy of pale pink roses and greenery, our long communal table seats up to 16 diners, with a glittering crystal chandelier suspended overhead. You can choose to break up the tables.


Glass House

Our largest enclosed private dining area, the Glass House, seats up to 25 diners beneath a canopy of greenery and lush flowers in warm and inviting hues of pinks, oranges, and yellows. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in the sparkling Bangkok skyline, making it the place for a rooftop dinner.



This outdoor seating area is a large space that can accommodate up to 40 guests for a private booking. Arrange tables to your needs, or create a cocktail evening-styled event.


Half Dome

This open-air half dome is available for small bookings. Up to four tables, seating four, can be arranged beneath the dome for delightful evening.


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